decorated fall pumpkins

Add to your fall decor with two quick and easy pumpkin projects

I love decorating for fall. What’s even better is using my own two hands to create something truly unique and special. These next projects were inspired by the colors of Halloween and the elegance of a crisp autumn morning. They were put together lovingly by me and my daughter. We had a blast working on making something fun together.

First things first! I’ll fill you in on the supplies we used. For the larger pumpkin, it was fairly straight forward.

Now you may or may not use all of these things but they are here non-the-less.

Plastic Pumpkin (we bought ours at Hobby Lobby) tip: look for one with evenly numbered sections if alternating colors

Paint Brushes (I’d go with one blunt and one thin line for creating those pretty gold creases)

Paint (Black, White, and Gold) tip- it will make your life so much easier if you go with a heavier body paint. These are slightly more expensive but they cover better and save time in the long run)

Optional: Clear gloss coating & masking tape (we didn’t end up using either, but if you want to perfect and protect your paint job, I’d recommend them)

I started by painting the alternating sections of the pumpkin black, let that dry for a bit and then did the white. I found that the white paint needed another coat (probably due to the color of the pumpkin).

After letting that dry I took the line brush, dipped it in the gold paint and gently pulled the paint down each crease. Don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t come out perfectly. You can always go back and touch up later. Last but not least I painted the stem gold. Excuse the lack of pictures during these steps. It was fairly quick and straight forward since it was simply painting the sections. The end result turned out quite nice!

Our next pumpkin was smaller but a bit more time-intensive (and messy). If I had to do it again I would probably paint that one as well. But it’s done and we had a blast. My daughter did all the heavy lifting on this one, and by that I mean she had Mod Podge up to her elbows 🙂

Here is what we used:

A small sized plastic pumpkin (purchased at Hobby Lobby)

One piece of craft paper

Mod Podge

Sponge Applicator

Gold Paint

Orange yarn

Instructions: First we cut the paper into even strips in order to allow it to lay as close as possible to the surface.

Let’s be honest here, what happened next was complete chaos, but we were laughing so hard at ourselves and the situation that it was entirely worth it.

As you can tell we used large amounts of Mod Podge to adhere the paper. The applicator didn’t stand a chance as eventually my daughter tossed it aside and began using her hands to shape and mold the paper to the surface.

There is no shame in getting messy. Really!

After everything was coated and in place we let that dry for a bit. During that time we started on the sweet little orange puff balls that will be draped around the pumpkin like a scarf (we get carried away with cuteness sometimes)

There are certainly plenty of tutorials out there that teach how to create your own yarn puff but this is how we did ours.

  1. Using my daughter’s fingers (because they are small) I wrapped the yarn around two fingers. wrap wrap wrap. Not two tight! beware of cutting off circulation 🙂

2. Cut a new piece of yarn about 6 inches and slide (or wedge) in between the the fingers, gathering up the yarn and tie a knot at the top near the two fingernails (try to make this knot as tight as possible)

3. After the knot is secure, slide the bow shaped yarn off the fingers and use a small pair of scissors to cut each loop on either side.

4. Spread out the yarn, rolling it gently in your hand a few times, then taking the scissors even out as much as possible until it starts looking less like a bad hair day and more like a ball.

5. Make another one because two is better than one!

To finish off the pumpkin, we painted the stem gold and placed our cute fluffs around it’s neck.

These lovely pumpkins were a joy to make and are now a showpiece in our home, I hope you’ve become inspired today to make your own lovely fall pumpkins.

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