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How to make your own Halloween makeup

 Halloween is almost here, time to perfect your costumes- and that means planning the makeup! If like me, you’re hesitant to go full-faced into your costume because of those strange additional ingredients typically found in Halloween costume makeup – you’re in the right place! Whether the makeup is going on your children’s skin, or you are worried about your own- no matter. You can make it yourself and have complete control of the ingredients!

Depending on how much DIY-ing you’ve been doing for your own skincare needs, you might already have a lot of these ingredients lying around already. If not, no worries, they are all easily purchased off of Amazon from reliable sellers.

Below you’ll find the general recipe for making a wax/oil “infusion” stick, it is super simple – plus a list of potential colorants. Think activated charcoal for black, zinc oxide for white, turmeric for yellow, etc. 

You’ll first need to decide what you want to store your Handcrafted Halloween Makeup in. For me, chapstick tubes or mini deodorant tubes are both great. I like them both because of the ease of application but also because if you find you aren’t quite satisfied with the final color of your makeup, you can easily twist it out, re-melt, and start again.

Ok, ready? Let’s do this!

The Recipe:

1 tsp. Wax (I am partial to Beeswax but if you’re looking to go the vegan route, candelilla wax works as well)

1 tsp. oil of choice (seriously, go with what you have on hand or what you know your skin likes! For use on my face, my go-to’s are Apricot Oil or Sweet Almond Oil)

1/4 tsp. Colorant (See list below for choices, feel free to play around with this amount depending on what color you’re looking for)

1/4 tsp. clay (Bentonite or Kaolin for consistency, or use a colored clay to also mess around with the final color of your makeup)

To make:

Use a double boiler to heat the beeswax and oil together until the wax is fully melted.

Mix well and slowly add in the colorant(s) and clay.

Test for the color with a small amount of the mixture on your hand. Add more pigments as necessary until you reach your desired color. 

Pour or transfer the mixture with a plastic pipette into your empty chapstick or mini deodorant tubes.

Allow to cool and fully harden before use.

Ok, the fun part: the colors! Here is a list of completely natural herbs, powders, and clays that make great colorants for homemade makeup. 

Red: Alkanet root, Hibiscus, Moroccan Red clay

Pink: Beetroot powder, Pomegranate Powder, Pink clay

Orange: Paprika, Pumpkin Powder

Yellow: Turmeric

Green: Spirulina, Chlorella, Green clay

Blue: Blue Majik Spirulina, Blue Clay

Purple: Açaí Berry Powder 

Brown: Cacao powder

Black: Activated Charcoal

That is not even to mention the things you can do with Micas! Micas add that touch of sparkle and come in every hue of the rainbow! It’s important to mention, however, that mica isn’t considered “natural” in the basic sense of the word. So you’ll have to do a little research to decide if adding mica colorants is right for you!

Happy Halloween Makeup-making!

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