Two natural & proven ways to remove temporary hair color

So you went allllll out for your Halloween costume this year and dyed your hair (albeit temporarily), and now it’s time to get it out – that bright shade of The Joker green just isn’t doing you any favors in the light of day. Whether you used a colored hairspray and it has left a bit of residue, or you went a different route and used natural products to DIY dye it, you want to get it OUT- and you want to get it out with the least amount of damage to your hair as possible. Here are two simple ways to remove unwanted dye from your hair. Let’s do it!

  • The Anti-Dandruff Shampoo + Baking Soda Method

For this method, you will need to purchase a good anti-dandruff shampoo (Head & Shoulders is probably the most common option), and baking soda, which you might already have.  Baking soda is a natural cleansing agent with lightening properties that will help to remove the dye or spray without full-on bleaching your hair.

Make it:

Simply mix equal parts of the shampoo and baking soda together- nothing fancy, you can do it right in your hands. 

Use it: 

Shampoo your hair as you normally would. Lather it in really well, working your way from root to tip, and let the mixture soak and settle in your hair for a 5-8 minutes before rinsing.  The shampoo-baking soda combination needs some time to penetrate the hair. Then rinse well. You should see the dye running out as you rinse. You can use this method several times, if necessary.

  • The Vitamin C Method

For this method, you will need to get your hands on some Vitamin C Powder. You can buy the tablets at a local drugstore in the supplements aisle or cruise on over to Amazon and get straight Vitamin C Powder. The powder will save you the step of grinding/smashing up the tablets. But.. that might be the fun part- I’ll leave that up to you.

Make it:

Toss 10-15 of your Vitamin C tablets in a bowl. Slowly, because you want to keep an eye on the consistency, add hot water to the tablets and use a spoon grind them into a thick paste. Mix the vitamin paste with your anti-dandruff shampoo.

Use it:

Apply the paste-shampoo mixture to wet hair, wrap it up in a shower cap and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour. 

Keep in mind with both of these options though they do a great job at gently removing hair dye, both Vitamin C and baking soda can be very drying for your hair and scalp. If you give either of these methods a go for removing your Halloween hair dye, definitely follow up with a hydrating hair mask to give back some of the moisture that you stripped. You can make your own hot oil mask, or a simple mashed banana, avocado, yogurt mask, but definitely give your hair a little extra love after these treatments!

Good luck and Happy Halloween!


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