Perfectly Pretty flowered pumpkin DIY

Have you ever picked up an adorable item in the store, first gasping at how wonderful it is and then at the price? This very thing inspires many of my projects. I’m determined to have nice things but without the cost!

My inspiration for this project can be found here. It’s lovely, isn’t it? 

But now for the fun part! The whole project was fairly quick. I’d say overall it took me under two hours and let’s be honest, some of that was spent gawking at how cute it was turning out.

Most of the supplies for this project will be found at any craft store. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby, besides some items I already own such as scissors, paint, and brush. 

I realized after the fact that a couple of items are not pictured, but I’ll list them down below.

Supplies Needed:

A medium-size plastic pumpkin (I purchased this one at Hobby Lobby for about $8.50) -tip: For a quicker project, It may be best to find a pumpkin that is the color you want your background to be.

Flowered paper (can find this at any craft store, this particular paper I bought at Hobby Lobby for $ 0.25)

Scissors  -tip: Try to go will smaller and sharp craft scissors to make cutting around fine details easier.

Paint (I already owned this paint but this could be bought at a craft store cheaply)

Mod Podge 

Sponge applicators or Paint Brush

Cotton swabs (not pictured) – tip: you could use a paintbrush but I found that cotton swabs work will for easily making nice small circles.

The first thing you will do is cut out the flowers. It’s up to you how close and detailed you get on this step. I found it easiest to first make broad cuts around all the separate pieces, then from there go into my detail work. I also went with a paper that had roughly the same color background as my pumpkin to generously camouflage any excess around my edges.

This next step is super fun and can get messy, so a well-protected surface is highly recommended. In order to achieve the best adhesion, you want to cover the entire back of your paper, place it onto the pumpkin, and then cover the entire top of the paper with Mod Podge. This does not need to be completely graceful. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to stay unblemished during this phase. Embrace it. Mod Podge is actually extremely forgiving and tends to dry more even than it’s placed. Just make sure you don’t have any large globs poking out (unless that’s the look you’re going for).

After all of the flowers are placed, the next step is the cute little dots interspersed around the surface. There is really no wrong way to do this, just make sure that they are fairly evenly placed. We found the cotton swab does a wonderful job of easily laying down nice circles. We also decided to add some gold circles as well. You should definitely take some artistic liberty and use any colors you like. 

The last special touch is to paint the stem. We decided to go with gold for this because it was almost like my inspiration pumpkin that I was working with, but again, artistic license is all yours. 

I rather like how my final result came out. It’s a sweet addition to my fall decor and even ties in nicely with my Halloween decorations. It was kind of a Gothic princess sort of vibe.

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