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Top 4 tips for keeping skin looking radiant through the cold, winter months

Cooler weather is fast approaching, and with that comes so many lovely things- hot pumpkin spice lattes, the smell of holiday trees, time spent with friends and family, dry winter skin. Wait, what? Yes, unfortunately, as the air starts to get chillier and the changing of seasons sets in, dry skin is a widespread occurrence. This time of the year, the humidity levels in the air begin to drop, and the air becomes cold and dry. This dryness in the atmosphere causes the moisture in our skin to evaporate more quickly, leaving us with rough and dry winter skin.

Less moisture in the air, coupled with indoor heating systems, also contribute to dehydrating our skin. Not to worry, though, a few simple switches to your skincare routine will keep you Glowing all winter long!

Here are our 4 Top Winter Skin Care Tips:

1: Stay Hydrated

Ok, while this first one isn’t exactly a skincare tip, it is an important one- all year long! Healthy skin begins from within, and staying hydrated is a huge part of that.

During the hot summer months, it’s relatively easy to drink more fluids. It’s important not to slack on your water intake when it starts getting colder outside. Keep your water bottle filled and handy during the day, make a delicious infused water with fruit or lemon and cucumber to keep things interesting, or try adding some hot tea to add to your hydration levels.

2: Moisturize those Lips!

Dry, cracked, chapped lips are the worst. Not only is it irritating and painful when the lips are chapped, but it doesn’t look great either. Make sure to protect your lips with a moisturizing lip balm! Here’s an easy one to DIY.

Easy Lip Balm Recipe:

1 tbsp Coconut Oil

1 tbsp Castor Oil

1 tbsp Oil of choice (avocado, sweet almond, apricot seed, sunflower, etc.)

1 tbsp Beeswax

Optional: Essential oils, a few drops.

Use a double boiler to mix oils with melted Beeswax and transfer to empty chapstick tubes or tins. I am partial to this unscented version- if you use a good quality Beeswax and Virgin Coconut Oil, the final product smells like a delicious coconut honey mix.

3: DIY Hand and Body Moisturizers

If the winter season usually plagues you with dry rough or scaly skin, you might be used to turning to store-bought lotions and creams. But keep in mind that tons of natural moisturizers do just as good a job at rehydrating your thirsty skin (and with way less ingredients!) 

Here are a few to try:

  • Coconut Oil:

 Coconut oil is one oil that is great for combatting dry, winter skin. It can be on the greasy side, so you might choose to apply this oil only at night time, and underclothing/pajamas, you don’t mind getting a little oily. Apply coconut oil all over your body, paying particular attention to elbows, hands, and knees. You’ll be amazed with your soft skin the next morning! Try to remember to apply every night.

  • Aloe 

You already know all the benefits that’s Aloe Vera gel provides! Its moisturizing benefits are just the cherry on top. Aloe Vera’s thick leaves store a gel-like substance that is a godsend for dry skin. If you’ve got a plant at home, slice one leaf in half and squeeze out all the gel. If you don’t, Aloe is easily purchased at your local drugstore- look for one with few ingredients/preservatives. You can apply to both skin and hair for extra hydration without the greasy residue.

You can also use Aloe Vera juice, mixed with Rosewater and a Rose (or plain) Witch Hazel for an amazingly refreshing DIY hydrating face mist.

  • Other Oils you’ve got at home already

Pretty much any Oil you have on hand for your skincare, making pleasure can work as a great natural moisturizer. Some oils have a higher antioxidant count than others, and they will help soothe dry, patchy skin as well as repair damaged cells from environmental-related toxins. They may potentially help in preventing wrinkles and fine lines, as well.

4: Rotate your Skincare Products with each season

This is an important tip all year long. Each season our skincare needs change. For that reason, you should consider switching up your moisturizers, cleansers, and even makeup products based on what your skin needs for that time of year. This is going to be personalized, depending on what feels right for you and your skin.

Try out a few of these natural remedies for dry winter skin and let me know what you think!


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