diy hanging light fixture

Cheap and Easy Diy hanging light fixture

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fresh and unique pieces in your home, but sometimes it takes a lot of creativity and a little bit of time. There is a lot you can come up with when using dollar tree fall decor, but sometimes it takes a little bit of creativity to put it all together. I used mostly items from the dollar tree to make this hanging light fixture. It it is sure to be a lovely addition to your fall home decor!

Here are the supplies you’ll need to get started:

  1. Wire wreath frame
  2. small condiment bowls
  3. rope or twine
  4. gold paint
  5. applicator sponge
  6. hot glue gun
  7. candles (led or real)

Note: you can certainly use spray paint for this first step by I prefer to sponge the paint on. It creates a cool and unique texture on an otherwise simple structure.

  1. Paint the frame – I did two coats of this pretty gold paint on the wireframe.

2. Attach rope using hot glue gun – I found the best way of going about this step is to measure out two pieces of rope that equal double the hanging length you would like. Use one piece and connect to two points on the frame. Connect the third piece to the frame. Gather the first rope into a loop on top, and use the second piece of rope to wrap around the base of the loop, creating a way to hang the fixture from a hook.

Note: In order to create a nice finish on the joins near the frame I cut a small section of my rope, unraveled it into three thinner pieces and used those to wrap by seams. This method hides any extra glue and adds an extra layer of durability.

3. Hang and add the candles – What’s great about this fixture is that it’s versatile. I chose to use these small glass bowls to hold my candles, but you can put the candles directly on the frame if you like.

4. Enjoy!

After hanging I added some decorative fall foliage (hobby lobby) and black crow (dollar tree)

I hope you enjoyed this Diy for my hanging light fixture! If you did, please like and share 🙂


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