diy printed trick or treat bag

Make your own Halloween trick or treat bag

This project was quick and easy. It is a great DIY craft for kids to do, and they would likely take pride in making their own trick or treat bag. These also make wonderful gifts for friends, teachers, and well… anyone!

For the cat shape, I decided to use the potato print method, with a Halloween inspired cookie cutter.

Here are all the supplies I used:

supplies for trick or treat bag
  1. a blank canvas tote
  2. fabric paint
  3. potato
  4. metal cookie cutter
  5. applicator sponge (or two)
  6. fabric marker (optional)

Since I’m not intending to reinvent the wheel with a new potato stamp tutorial, I’ll recommend heading over to Housing a Forest. Tammy has an easy to follow guide on how this is done. 

cat potato print

After the stamp is made, we are ready to rock. I started by laying out my blank tote, the paint colors, my stamp, and the applicator. I chose to use alternate three colors, but it would look just as good with only one. 

As you can see, in the second row I moved the print over slightly to give more interest to the pattern. I continued to alternate colors.

The paint may not come off perfectly onto the canvas, but I actually prefer this look. Perfection is boring 🙂

With each row, I moved the stamp over slightly to the left.

After all the rows are stamped and the paint dried I decided to go back and outline the lightest purple cat in black.

…and there you have it! This is a fun and easy project you are sure to love. Enjoy!


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